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Eileen Lawrence

Alexander Street
Senior Vice President
Alexandria, VA
I'm passionate about food (vegan), music (opera), theatre (put me in New York), friends (are family), and work (a happy addict). Passionate about new Alexander Street projects -- food studies; 20th-century Islam; disabilities; social work; borders and migration; classical scores (1.3 million pages!); human rights; more theatre and dance videos; more in counseling and therapy; more in anthropology, including a cool field-notes project. Excited about streaming 65,000+ videos, including 15,000 amazing titles exclusively through Alexander Street. Thrilled that our streaming music recently exceed 8.2 million tracks. Wow! I'm excited! Here's the "normal" bio: Eileen has worked with academic libraries since 1980. She is one of the founders of Alexander Street, where she has created and works with our sales teams globally, manages key customer relationships, and has worked with regional and national consortia around the world. Eileen received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania an M.Ed. in Education for Social Change from Antioch University of New England, where she serves on the advisory board of the Center for Academic Innovation. Before her work with libraries, she created a model classroom in which she trained education students at the university level for Dartmouth, University of New Hampshire, and Goddard College, and was named one of the top ten teachers in New England. Eileen brings to Alexander Street her passionate belief that a humanities education is the best preparation for a good life.