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Thursday, November 3


Four Years of E-book Purchasing: What Are We Buying and Is It Getting Used?
This poster describes a project we undertook to review how our purchasing patterns have changed since we set up licenses with e-book vendors through GOBI four years ago. While we knew which liaisons were initially most interested in purchasing e-books, after setting up the licenses we had not gathered any follow up data about what selection decisions liaisons were making. We wanted to see what data we could compile on this, and we were particularly interested in identifying subject areas in which a real mix of e-books and print were being purchased which we could examine to compare print circulation and e-book usage of purchased titles. The objective of the poster is to show what data we were able to gather, what aspects of this study proved more challenging than initially expected, and how we're hoping to use our findings to shape internal conversations about e-book purchasing.

avatar for Amelia Brunskill

Amelia Brunskill

Coordinator of Collections & Scholarly Resources, DePaul University
Amelia Brunskill is the Coordinator of Collections & Scholarly Resources at DePaul University. She was previously DePaul's Electronic Resources Librarian and prior to that she was the Liaison Librarian for the Sciences at Dickinson College, in Carlisle, PA. She received her MSIS from... Read More →

Thursday November 3, 2016 6:00pm - 6:45pm
Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard Marriott 125 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401


Ordering E-Books from a Print Book Vendor
The University of Southern Mississippi recently began ordering e-books through their primary book vendor, Midwest Library Service. This is a new service offered by Midwest beginning in 2016. The University of Southern Mississippi had previously ordered e-books with another book vendor, but within the last two years had switched to ordering directly with the e-book vendors - Ebook Library and Ebrary. Jennifer Culley, Collection Management and Acquisitions Librarian at The University of Southern Mississippi, will discuss the process for adding this new service, issues along the way, any possible benefits or costs, and also discuss changes to work flows for the Acquisitions department. Cindy Human, Regional Manager with Midwest Library Service, will explain the software changes and steps taken to make this new service work for The University of Southern Mississippi. This presentation will describe the collaborative process between The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries and Midwest Library Service in setting up the new e-book service and will be informative for the audience who may be considering adding a similar feature with their book vendors, or give participants who want to discuss their issues or experiences a forum to do so.

avatar for Jennifer Culley

Jennifer Culley

Collection Management and Acquisitions Librarian, The University of Southern Mississippi

Cindy Human

Regional Sales Manager, Midwest Library Service

Thursday November 3, 2016 6:00pm - 6:45pm
Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott 125 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401


Rolling with a Direction in Mind: Implementing a DRM-free DDA Program and Understanding User Behavior
Demand-driven acquisitions has been part of the University of Washington's ebook purchasing strategy since 2011, via local and consortial DDA programs with EBL. While this aligns with the University Libraries' commitment to user-driven collection development, it has not advanced its more recently affirmed strategy of increasing the amount of DRM-free content provided to patrons. A DDA program begun with JSTOR in May, 2015, unites these two strategies and also aligns with the University Libraries' desire to support university presses and other not-for-profit scholarly publishing.

Information on the University of Washington's implementation experience will be shared, including budgeting, duplication control, and assessment, along with comparative usage data with other local ebook collections.

The University of Washington experience will be put into a broader context by JSTOR, especially as it relates to acquisition methods, discovery, and usage. There will be a detailed overview of post-purchase usage across libraries for DRM-free ebooks acquired via JSTOR's DDA model and those purchased as individual titles from YBP or direct from JSTOR. This will be compared to the usage seen from the University of Washington.

Understanding how users are finding and using DRM-free ebooks is also important to libraries wanting to promote this type of DRM-free content. JSTOR will provide an overview of how ebooks are first being discovered before chapters are used on the JSTOR p[latform from various sources such as Google, indexed discovery services, JSTOR, and library websites. The University of Washington experience will be analyzed to illustrate these findings.

avatar for Linda Di Biase

Linda Di Biase

Ebook and Collaborative Collections Strategy Librarian, University of Washington Libraries
Linda Di Biase's 30 years of collection development experience at the University of Washington Libraries has encompassed everything from information resources selection to budget allocation and consortial collection strategies. She has overseen the development of a robust academic... Read More →

John Lenahan

AVP, Journals and Books, ITHAKA

Thursday November 3, 2016 6:00pm - 6:45pm
Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott 125 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401


University Press DDA and EBA Acquisition Pilots at UIUC
The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign has been exploring options to obtain the best academic content from University Presses in the format and on the platform users find fits their needs. The Library works with a number of vendors to cover the purchase of new academic content from these publishers. Funding comes from a central pool for new titles as well as the bibliographers' subject allocations. Users had not been happy with platforms with DRM that limit easy use or with the sheer number of ebook interfaces. The poster covers new initiatives designed to enhance access to ebooks while not replacing the print access many faculty still want. Metrics from two large DDA/EBA pilots completed in FY2016 that allowed for online access to new and archival ebook content will be presented. The implementation of the programs as well as patterns of use will provided. An analysis of user preferences collected from surveys is also included as well as a review ebook purchasing models at UIUC. The poster will cover next steps to enhance access to academic ebooks. Participants will hear learn about new evidence based potential for university press ebook acquisitions and what worked well or did not with the programs. Questions are most welcome during the session.

avatar for Stephanie Baker

Stephanie Baker

Library Information Systems Specialist, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
avatar for Thomas H. Teper

Thomas H. Teper

Associate Dean Collections & Technical Services, University of Illinois Library
avatar for Lynn Wiley

Lynn Wiley

Head of Acquisitions, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Thursday November 3, 2016 6:00pm - 6:45pm
Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott 125 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401