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Friday, November 4

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A Model for Patron Driven Acquisition of Print Music Scores: From Conception to Reality Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelAlan Asher A Running Start: A Crowd-Sourced Database of Due Diligence to Invoke Section 108 Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion Hoteldeg farrelly A Tale of Two Serials Cancellations Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottDeborah Bezanson • David Killian • Robin Kinder • Mike Olson Big Data 2.0: Critical Roles for Libraries and Librarians Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterSheila Corrall Book Usage is Rollin' Down: Multifaceted Assessment of Monograph Collection Performance to Optimize Purchase Decisions Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelTricia Clayton • Skye Hardesty Collection Development Environmental Scan: A Strategy for Informed Decision Making Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard MarriottJoel Cummings • Lara Cummings • Christy Zlatos Current Collection Development Strategies for Video Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterSarah McCleskey • Winifred Metz • Danette Pachtner Digital Research Practices: The Real User Experience: A Collaborative Library/Publisher Initiative Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelStacy Stanislaw • Graham Walton From DDA to EBA: A Five-year Story from a Consortium Shared E-Book Collection Program Salon II, Gaillard CenterKristina DeShazo • Kathi Fountain • Jim Huenniger From the Concept to Results: A Case Study on the Collection Development for the ODC - Opening Day Collection at Qatar National Library Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottKatarzyna Dudek • Henry Owino Moving Altmetrics Mainstream: How to Bring Recommended Practice into Reality Salon I, Gaillard CenterTodd Carpenter • Nettie Lagace Rolling in the Deep: Negotiating to Have It All Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKristina Alayan • Jennifer Carroll • Aaron Lupton • Ronda Rowe Shotgun Sessions: Collection Development Analysis & Assessment and Discovery of Collections Threads Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelAdam Chesler • John G Dove • Judith Nagata • Anna Perricci • David Sharp • Gwen Verkuilen-Chevalier Social Scholarship?: Academic Communications in the Digital Age Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelSteve Weiland The Sky's the Limit: Scholarly Communication, Digital Initiatives, Institutional Repositories, and Subject Librarians Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard MarriottLee Dotson • Richard H. Harrison II • Sarah Norris • Barbara Tierney Tower of Babel: New Realities in Foreign Language Acquisitions Citadel Green Room, Embassy SuitesLynn Wiley • Michele Casalini • ERASMUS • Zina Somova Wrangling Services Contracts in Libraries Colonial Ballroom, Embassy SuitesMichael Rodriguez You Set the Scene: Three Faculty-centered Approaches to Digital Publishing from Mellon's 2014-2015 Scholarly Communications Initiative Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterMaria Bonn • Liz Glass • Sara Sikes

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'Rolling With the Times' Together: The Consortium in Today's Libraries Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard MarriottLeah Dunn • Farzaneh Razzaghi • Mary Beth Reichel • Ben Shirley Beyond Usage: Measuring the Value of Library Resources Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterAnn Snoeyenbos • Elizabeth Brown • Alice Eng • Tom Humphrey • Elizabeth Siler Bridging the Divide: Collaborating Across Departments to Improve Communication and Collections Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelNancy Fawley • Laura Gewissler Creating Subject Profiles: Combining the University's Academic Landscape with the Library Collection to Begin Conversations and Inform Future Based Decision Making Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelBelen Fernandez How a New Library System Changed the Way We Think about Acquisitions and Collection Development Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottThomas Karel • Bonnie Powers How Do Libraries Make a Long Term, Substantial Commitment to Support OA Publishing? Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelRobert Kieft How to Play a More Active Role in Digital Humanities Research Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard MarriottBret Costain • Angela Courtney • Harriett Green • Caroline Muglia Journey to the Center of a Digital Project: A Tour of Three New Tools for Next-Generation Digital Scholarship Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterLisa Macklin • Nancy Maron • Kimberly Schmelzinger • Charles Watkinson Marketing Your Collections: Which Strategies Actually Work? Salon I, Gaillard CenterDaniel Ascher • Jamie Hazlitt • Erika L. Johnson • Elizabeth McKeigue Moving from Reclaiming to Reclaimed: The Big Picture and a Case Study of a Trending Initiative Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelMiri Botzer • Bobby Hollandsworth • Kevin Stehr Moving the Library: Bringing Resources to Students Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelKaren Malnati • Steven Sharpiro • Sara Tarpley Peer Review of Longform Scholarship, Now and Into the Future Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBecky Brasington Clark • Donna Dixon • Brian Halley Releasing Subject Liaisons into the Wild: Designing a Holistic Collection Development Approach Citadel Green Room, Embassy SuitesBeth Blanton-Kent • Mary Lynn Kingston • Carla Lee Roll With Us: Library and Publisher Collaborations Salon II, Gaillard CenterNatasha Cooper • John Lavender • Jackie Ricords Rolling the Dice: Betting on the Necessary KSA for Future Collection Development Librarians Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelAnne Calvert Barnhart • Kristi Chadwick • Barry Trott Straight to the Source: A Student Panel on Ebook Usage Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottBryan Dillon • Jakarri Godbolt • Diana Peterson • Rebecca Saunders The Costs of Monographs across the Academy Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterBryn Geffert • Tom Helleberg • Michael Zeoli Turnarounds, Pivots, and Repositioning Colonial Ballroom, Embassy SuitesMark Cummings • Pinar Erzin • Joseph Esposito • Dennis Lloyd Why Business Content Subscriptions Can Drive Us Crazy, and What to Do About It: A dialogue with business librarians, business vendors, and the audience on best practices and solutions Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBetsy Clementson • Steve Cramer • Cynthia Cronin-Kardon • Corey Seeman Why Don't Public Librarians Brag More about Providing Pleasure Reading? Magnolia Room, Courtyard MarriottBob Holley

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Boom and Bust: Short-Term Loans Five Years Later Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard MarriottSherri Brown Building eBook Collections for the Long Term: A Charlotte Initiative Update Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelAlison Bradley • Steve Cohn • Chuck Hamaker • October Ivins • Christine Peterson • Elizabeth Siler Cerebral Hemispheres of Scholarly Communication Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterGaladriel Chilton • Emily Farrell • Jesse Koennecke • Boaz Nadav-Manes Collection Dashboards for Selectors Salon II, Gaillard CenterLindsay Cronk • Wenli Gao Content as a Community Asset: What Happens When It Loses Its Traditional Container? Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelTom Beyer • Ove Kahler • Wendy Queen • Ronda Rowe Elements of Superior Scholarly Publishing Support: Going Well Beyond the Platform Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelNancy Herther • Elisabeth Leonard • Lisa Nachtigall It's 2031: Do You Know Where Your Scholarly Monographs Are? Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterMatt Barnes • Lorraine Huddy • Matthew Sheehy • Susan Stearns Library Consortia and Article Processing Charges: An International Survey Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard MarriottTony Horava • Monica Ward Moneyball 2.0: Where are we today? Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterTommy Doyle • Melissa Goertzen • Gracemary Smulewitz • Scott Warren Not Your Father's Faculty Bibliography: Making University Scholarly Output Shine Citadel Green Room, Embassy SuitesAthena Hoeppner • Ryan Otto Of Pigs and Pythons: Ingesting and Digesting a Major Media Collection Colonial Ballroom, Embassy SuitesTerri Miller • Jessica Sender Open Access: Tackling the Issues of Organization within Libraries Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelSven Fund • Catherine Morse Overcoming Data Source Limitations When Analyzing an E-book Collection By Subject Magnolia Room, Courtyard MarriottMichael Koehn Rolling in the Deep Analytics: Big Data Comes to Scholarly Communication Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelGreg Tannanbaum • Anita de Waard • Zhiwu Xie Rolling the Dice and Playing with Numbers: Statistical Realities and Responses Salon I, Gaillard CenterNatasha Cooper • Kimberly Nolan • Michael Poulin • Nancy Turner Rolling the Dice or Calculating a Bet? How to Decide Which OA Project(s) to Support Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelErin Gallagher • Diane Graves • Robert Kieft • Maureen Morris Shotgun Session: Management and Out of the Box Thinking/Entreprenuership Threads Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelGlenda Alvin • Annette Day • Robert Heaton • Gail Julian • Jacqueline Howell Nash • Michael Rodriguez Strengthening Regional Collections One Request at a Time: Using Resource Sharing Technology to Facilitate Coordinated Collection Development Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelShannon Pritting • Kate Ross The Nuts & Bolts of Supporting Change and Transformation for Research Librarians Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottHeidi Tebbe • Mira Waller What Do You have Invested in Your Collection?: Identifying Your Digital Assets Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottNancy Beals • Rachel Beatty • Paul Beavers • Adeeb Mozip

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A Tale of Two Campuses: Open Educational Resources in Florida and California Academic Institutions Salon I, Gaillard CenterJulia Hess • Alejandra Nann • Sarah Norris • John Raible Access All Around: A NISO Update on Open Access Discovery and Access-Related Projects Salon II, Gaillard CenterPascal Calarco (he/him) • John G Dove • Christine Stohn Applying Entrepreneurship in a Changing Higher Education Landscape: Case Studies Involving Streaming Video Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterMichael Arthur • Michael Carmichael • Sean Wise Changing How Monographs Are Acquired in Response to Evolving Needs Magnolia Room, Courtyard MarriottDenise LaFitte Critical Collection Analysis: Using DH Tools to Contextualize Historical Collecting Patterns within a Political Framework Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard MarriottLydia Bello • Nina Clements • Madelynn Dickerson • Margaret Hogarth DDA Management with Predictive Modeling Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelJohn Vickery E-Resources Management as an Incubator: A Framework for Consortial Governance Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelLenore England • Randall Lowe • Charles Thomas First-Time Digital Collection Building: How to Manage Time, Resources, and Expectations Colonial Ballroom, Embassy SuitesErin McCall • Maryska Connolly-Brown (she/her) • Dave Chatham • David Wiseman Libraries and Publishers Working Together to Ensure Access and Limit Misuse Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelPaul Butler • Laura McNamara • Aaron Wood • Julie Zhu Libraries, Censorship and 'Naked Lunch' Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterLeala Grindstaff • William M. Hannay Mapping Change: An Examination of Curricular Shifts and Collection Impact Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelMichael Matos • Jenise Overmier Nobody Knows and Nobody is Responsible: Issues in eBooks Workflow and Access Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottTina Adams • Paromita Biswas Rolling with the Wheels of Commerce: The Challenges of Business and Industry-based Resources Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelNatasha Cooper • Peter McCracken • Darby Orcutt • Ellen Rotenberg Shotgun Session: Digital Scholarship, Professional Development, and Scholarly Communication Threads Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelRachel Fleming • Tim Bucknall • Suzanne Cohen • Angela Courtney • Harriett Green • Crystal Hampson • Hwee Ming Lim Stretching Your Dollars: Saving on Online Content Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelJeff Bailey • Linda Creibaum Using User Research to Improve Site Redesigns Citadel Green Room, Embassy SuitesJennifer Cady • Courtney McDonald • Adam White Valuing Consortial Resources: A Framework for Assessment Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard MarriottBeth Blanton-Kent • Julie Kane • Madeline Kelly • Genya O'Gara • Anne Osterman Walled Gardens and Digital Playgrounds: Who's Playing in the World of Text and Data Mining? Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterMarty Brennan • Jennifer Chan • Roxanne Peck Wind of Change: Scholarly Communications in the New Knowledge Economy Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelGregg Gordon • Greg Tannanbaum Wrangle Your Data like a Pro with the Data Processing Power of Python Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottJeremy Brown • Geoff Timms

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Friday Poster Sessions and 'Happy Hour' Networking Event Courtyard MarriottTom Gilson Speed Networking Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottEdward Colleran An Arsenal of Library Resources: Demonstrating the Value of the Collection Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottJoanne Romano An Infographic is Worth a Thousand Words: Using Data Visualization to Engage Faculty in Collection Strategies Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottBeth Bohstedt Article Lending's Impact on Institutional Usage Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottColleen Major • Krystie Wilfong Drawing Comparisons: Analyzing Art & Architecture Print and E-book Usage Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottMadelynn Dickerson • Jamie Hazlitt • Caroline Muglia Efficient Deselection and Other Stories: A Fellowship at UNC Charlotte Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottStephen Krueger Firm-Ordered vs. DDA ebooks: What Are the Differences? Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottYin Zhang From Data to Outreach and Back Again: How Library Instruction Can Boost Usage/Statistics Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottAmanda Binder • Elizabeth Siler • Karna Younger Harnessing EZproxy Data for Evidence-Based Decision Making Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottLei Jin Keeping Up Accessibility Practices and How It Relates to Purchasing and Collection Development in Academic Libraries, a Case Study at the College of Staten Island Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottProf Kerry Falloon Measuring the Impact of Spanish-Language Resource Sharing: A Comparative Analysis of Interlibrary Loan Lending, 2011-2015 Grand Cypress Ballroom, Courtyard MarriottLisa Gardinier • Manuel Ostos Preserve Local and Institution-Specific Data during Migration to a Network Cataloging Environment Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottLi Ma Restructuring a Popular Magazine Collection: Using Microassessment Strategies to Keep Rolling with the Times Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottHelen Look • Pam MacKintosh • Faith Weis Rolling out a Database Review: Initiating a Comprehensive Database Review at the University of Maryland Libraries Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottLeigh Ann DePope • Maggie Saponaro Scoping Your eJournal List: Creating a Tailored List of Biomedical Journals in a Large University Setting Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottLori Snyder Validating a Myth? Do Books that Don't Circulate Early Ever Do? Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottMelissa Belvadi When the Newcomer Breaks the Mold: Meeting the Resource Needs of an Evolving Campus Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottSarah McClung

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